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I saw a gif-set in where there were gary and jason speaking to each other and they were dressed in the same way as in your gif 'moves like barlow' so I was wondering if you have the full video thank u and sorry for my bad english :\ — Anonymous

There are like a million clips from the VHS but here’s the first one http://youtu.be/Hbn5VB2HpSY just go on to her channel and there’s tonnes more! :)

 posted 1 year ago

hello :) Do you have a Patience gifset (hopefully including a gif showing crowd) from The Circus tour? — Anonymous

I am making all of The Circus tour on my personal blog and I started from the beginning so if you follow thebarlowbutt I’ll get to Patience in a week or so! :)

 posted 1 year ago

Can you make a gifset for Undeground machine from Progress tour starting with Howard and other guys dancing closer to the end of the song? :) — Anonymous

Yeah! I’ll be on it asap! Just need to settle down again as I just came back from being without internet! :)

 posted 1 year ago · 1

where are you watching Mark at T in the park omfg — Anonymous

It was on BBC earlier http://www.bbc.co.uk/events/egfrbp#p01cm0kv hopefully it will be up online later!

 posted 1 year ago